From Mad Men to Math Men

Let’s talk about Big Data:

Did Cambridge Analytica influence the US election?

On November 9, 2016, at around 8H30 am, a then little-known British company based in London sent out a press release:

“We are thrilled that our revolutionary approach to data-driven communication has played such an integral part in President-elect Trump’s extraordinary win,” Alexander James Ashburner Nix was quoted as saying.

Nix is British, 41 years old, and CEO of Cambridge Analytica. He is always immaculately turned out in tailor-made suits and designer glasses, with his wavy blonde hair combed back from his forehead. His company says to have been integral to Trump’s online campaign.

Do big data and psychographics really work?

Find out on September 1, 2017, at 8 am, when GfM Swiss Marketing Society will host Alexander Nix at Kaufleuten in Zurich for a one-hour speech.

Join GfM in the discussion on chances, risks, and ethics of big data use.

Alexander Nix, CEO Cambridge Analytica

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