“The gfm Trend Conference is an annual event highlight for the industry”

The Institute for Limbic Communication and Strategy GmbH is the newest gfm member!

The Institute for Limbic Communication and Strategy has been engaged in market and communication research for more than 10 years and specializes in consulting based on neuroscientific measurement methods. The focus is on the validated segmentation approach LimbiCODE®, which is based on the basic neural instructions in the limbic system of the brain.


Official company representative – Ursula Kaspar

Ursula Kaspar is owner of the Institute for Limbic Communication and Strategy, Lecturer and international Keynote Speaker. As Managing Director and Consultant she built up the Swiss branch of an Austrian market research institute for about 10 years. Prior to that, she worked for many years in the management of national and international marketing projects for various banks.

  • Why are you pleased to be a member of gfm? As a previous member, I particularly look forward to exciting food for thought through the research series, the high-quality presentations at the gfm Marketing Day and, of course, the enriching conversations and networking opportunities.
  • Why are you or your company a good fit for gfm? We are the only institute in Switzerland that offers neuro-consulting using empirical data with our own validated segmentation approach based on limbic instructions. Thus, we enable clients – just as the gfm does its members – to both broaden their horizons and change their perspectives.
  • What convinced you about the gfm? The gfm Trend Conference, which is an annual event highlight in the industry.