Galerie Trend-Tagung 2023

gfm Trend Conference 2023: Navigating the New Virtual

An appeal to courage, creativity and innovation.

At the 32nd Gfm Trend Conference on March 14, 2023, top-class speakers presented the topic “The New Virtual” to the audience.

The gfm president Dominique von Matt welcomed our approximately 300 guests: “The courage to realize ideas off the ideal line is now even more important. You have to be able to allow the superficially irrational, because that may make all the difference.”

With the constant and rapid changes in the digital worlds, the question of security and the usefulness of new technical tools arises for private individuals as well as for companies. Swiss companies in particular prefer to wait and see how others are doing and only then reluctantly jump on the bandwagon of digital trends. At today’s Trend Conference, however, various speakers made it clear to us that waiting can mean missing the opportunity. Dominique von Matt appealed to the audience’s willingness to take risks: “We must consistently act according to the motto ‘think big, start small, learn fast and fail cheap’.” Courage is imperative for innovative strength and competitiveness. Those who keep pace can profit from developments:

Social presence – proximity despite digitalization

Compared to the 2D web, people can meet in the metaverse and navigate together through new, virtual worlds. This interpersonal closeness, which is created in the metaverse, can also be used by B2C companies. Hotelplan is a good example: they use online channels and new technologies to create customized offers for their customers.

Advertising – for you personally

Artificial intelligence and machine learning make it possible to deliver personalized advertising to their clientele. Platforms like TikTok, thanks to the use of algorithms, can offer their user:s content tailored to their interests and reach millions of people worldwide within hours. The effectiveness of advertising for brands increases massively through individualization.

Accelerating processes

AI and its benefits for businesses were also discussed. When used correctly, ChatGPT, for example, can take repetitive and time-consuming steps away from an employee. This increases efficiency and secures the use of human labor elsewhere, where artificial intelligence offers no remedy. “You won’t be replaced by an AI. But you will be replaced by a human using it.”

Navigating means jumping in first

Digitization and technological progress do not serve as a substitute for human expertise, personal proximity and human resources. Instead of dreaming up sci-fi scenarios, the key is to embrace these new tools, use them to simplify daily activities, and thereby create added value.

We would like to thank all speakers for their first-class presentations. We would also like to thank our numerous guests for their interest and participation in our Trend Conference 2023!