gfm True Talk – Interaction Fields

How brands and companies will remain relevant in the future 

At the gfm True Talk, marketing expert Erich Joachimsthaler (CEO and founder of Vivaldi) explained the topic of Interaction Fields to the audience.

In short, his talk was about how companies and brands can create new value and benefits for customers by seizing the opportunities of hyperconnectivity created by new technologies.

Mr. Joachimsthaler began by showing how new technologies have changed and will change the entire market, and what opportunities they create.

He then explained why the previous marketing strategies of brands and companies are no longer sufficient to convince the clientele in the future and explained how this is related to today’s technology and value creation.

As take-home messages, Erich Joachimsthaler mentioned the following three points:

Technology is changing the way companies create value
Building strong brands is no longer enough
Rethinking how companies create value and how brands are built
After the exciting presentation, our participants took the opportunity to ask the marketing expert some questions and also to have some personal conversations and networking with Erich Joachimsthaler during the aperitif. We are pleased to have offered a successful event for our gfm members.

We would like to thank the numerous participants and are looking forward to further interesting True Talks, which will bring new ideas and inspiration to our audience to shape the future of marketing.

Gfm members can find the slides of the presentation in our member area.

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(Photos: Tai (Jannick) Tongmool )