True Talk “Innovation” – The corporate start-up Ioniq

Valentin Langen, Founder & Managing Director of Ioniq skincare, and Philipp Gross, Head of Customer Experience of Ioniq skincare, inspired the audience at the gfm True Talk “Innovation”, initiating lively discussions with the ideas they put forth.

Ioniq skincare is a corporate start-up of Wagner, a Swabian plant manufacturer. The attempt of this very healthy company to become a global cosmetics company with an in-house start-up can undoubtedly be described as a venture with little hope of success.

The two speakers offered insights into the challenges that face a corporate start-up in an open and forthright manner. Ranging from corporate culture to financial figures, differentiating a start-up from the large enterprise is important on all levels, but as expected, it’s something that isn’t always easy. The two speakers demonstrated where the parent company allows doors to be opened and synergies to be exploited as well as where this relationship can prove to be a limiting factor.

Valentin Langen and Philipp Gross learned a lot in recent years and became convinced of several truths. We are very pleased that they were able to share their wealth of experience with our guests and provide them with valuable insights.