GenAI Workshop – with DeltaLabs & Kickstart


At a time when effective use of AI technologies is crucial, our member Delta Labs, together with Kickstart Innovation, offers you an opportunity not to be missed: a compact Prompt Engineering Workshop for curious people like you.


The workshop will take place on March 19 from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the HWZ in Zurich and is designed to last just 3 hours to give you maximum insight in a minimum of time.


What can you expect?


  1. Short, understandable introduction to generative AI: The workshop begins with an understandable introduction to the world of generative AI, designed specifically for marketers.
  2. Hands-on experienceYou will then have the opportunity to test the latest AI tools and your own prompting skills. This practical part allows you to develop a deeper understanding and practical skills in dealing with GenAI and large language models such as OpenAI’s GPT4.


What benefits can you expect?


  1. Understand how AI can support your work: Learn how AI technologies can make specific tasks in your day-to-day work easier and increase your productivity.
  2. Understand what AI systems cannot do: Incorporate system and concept-related limitations and risks of generative AI into your work.

  3. Achieve better resultsDiscover strategies for using AI to achieve more efficient and effective results in your field.

  4. Network with like-minded peopleExchange ideas with other professionals and expand your professional network in an environment that promotes innovation and knowledge sharing.


Exclusive offer for gfm members

As a gfm member you pay CHF 290 instead of the regular workshop fee of CHF 590.

Places are limited to ensure an interactive and personal atmosphere. Register now and secure your place at this exclusive event.


We look forward to welcoming you on March 19 and exploring the possibilities of AI together.