gfm True Talk “Frugal Innovation – 3 rules on how we do more with less”.


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Navi Radjou, expert on innovation and leadership, author of “Frugal Innovation”. In 2013, Navi Radjou was awarded the Thinkers50 Innovation Award. Today he advises executives on innovation and leadership worldwide. He says, “When external resources are scarce, go within and tap into the most neglected resource: human ingenuity.”



Frugal innovation: a new mindset and a path to regenerative business
Climate, tight budgets, technology and Generation Z customers: according to Covid-19, the business world is set to change radically. Against this backdrop, how can companies bring high-value products to market faster, better and cheaper?

Navi Radjou, innovation expert, author and former Forrester Vice President, believes that Frugal Innovation can make all areas of our lives better: Agriculture, banking, transportation, healthcare, to name a few. “I believe that if we want to maintain growth and prosperity in the West, we have to learn to do more with less,” Radjou says, citing three principles that can help frugal innovation succeed in your own business.