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Through digitalisation, tasks are changing, completely new occupational fields are emerging, and new skill sets are in demand. In marketing, the digital transformation also requires new skills for successfully meeting the challenges of the future.

Partnership between gfm and the IDB Institute for Digital Business at the HWZ University of Applied Sciences Zurich

The Institute for Digital Business (IDB) at the HWZ University of Applied Sciences Zurich is an executive education, consulting and research center for digital transformation that operates throughout Switzerland. With a broad network of experts from the field, the IDB creates targeted expansion of know-how transfer, research and development in the field of digital transformation.

Executive MBA Digital Leadership at the HWZ University of Applied Sciences Zurich

With the Executive MBA – Digital Leadership HWZ, the Institute for Digital Business offers visionary executives with digital ambitions a compact 16-month, part-time executive program. An own organized TEDxHWZ conference, an Innovation Challenge including pitch and possible start-up financing for the own business idea, individual coaching as well as three study trips (USA, CHN, CH) are the highlights of this unique study program in Switzerland. The number of participants is limited to 20.

The executive program is aimed at practice-oriented, motivated executives with proven professional experience who want to deepen their knowledge of digital technologies and new leadership approaches and develop a digital vision for their organization. The program is based on the three pillars of “Digital Business and Technology,” “Digital Culture and Leadership,” and “Digital Vision” and, in addition to providing a sound understanding of digital technology, focuses on the personal development and entrepreneurial and communication skills of participants.

All gfm-members and employees of gfm-members receive a 10% discount on the tuition fees of the EMBA Digital Leadership HWZ.

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With the executive education partner Evrlearn, gfm supports our member companies and their employees in their professional development and provides guidance in the selection of suitable executive training offers.

Evrlearn is an innovative executive education platform that links demand (people who want to continue their education) and supply (training institutions) in the lifelong learning market.

Evrlearn supports users by means of matching functions and offers them access to a community of other users, alumni, executive education providers and companies.

As a startup and gfm member, Evrlearn won the Swiss HR Award 21 and is one of the few Swiss startups eligible to participate in the Kickstart Innovation Program 2021.

Evrlearn has put together a dynamic range of basic and up-to-date marketing executive education courses for gfm members.

In addition, Evrlearn provides access to over 4,500 other national and international executive education offerings in a variety of topics. Evrlearn also offers companies curated access to the external education landscape.

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