gfm creates transparency and provides guidance in the area of executive education

Through digitalisation, tasks are changing, completely new occupational fields are emerging, and new skill sets are in demand. In marketing, the digital transformation also requires new skills for successfully meeting the challenges of the future.

For this reason, gfm supports our member companies and their employees in their job-related continuing education and provides guidance regarding the choice of suitable executive education courses.

CVCube offers a comprehensive list of individual training courses that correspond to your current profile and that will help you reach your goals.

Individual skills development

Together with our partner CVCube, we offer our community a digital consultation regarding their personal development of skills and expertise. Using an individually created, dynamic continuing education path, you will find appropriate further education geared toward the professional goals and know-how you seek.

Find the executive education that is perfect for you:

Three key advantages

Through personalised analysis of the expertise and capabilities of the employees, we support the human resources development of our member companies. Based on the analysis, employers and employees can together define personal and strategic development goals. Employees are then motivated in a playful manner to achieve these goals through gamification.

  1. An individual expertise analysis of the existing skills of each employee.
  2. Matching of the development goals with the appropriate continuing education courses.
  3. Gamification, which enables the user to build their skill set and develop new capabilities in a playful way.

Independent – personal – comprehensive

We have courses to suit every employee. Our course database contains all relevant online and offline courses. After the current status is compared with predefined target skills, the matching process indicates an appropriate selection of continuing education offers. Using machine learning, based on many years of experience with more than 3,000 customers in the B2C sector, over 10,000 entities were linked in order to optimise the matches.

The consultation and courses offered are independent, personal and comprehensive:

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