Stöckli Swiss Sports AG

Stöckli convinced the gfm jury not only with its clear positioning and innovative products. Over the years, Stöckli has always succeeded in adapting to changing conditions and adapting the "go-to-market" strategy from direct-to-consumer (D2C) to B2B2C.


Victorinox AG

Victorinox AG convinced the gfm jury not only with outstanding branding and great products. It is also this long-term focus on the well-being of employees. Even during the Corona crisis, when sales plummeted by more than 30%, the Elsener family refrained from laying people off and instead used the time for process improvements and innovations.



This year, the gfm jury was impressed by the high product benefit, the compatibility with all leading Swiss banks and the rapid growth of TWINT over the past years. TWINT has succeeded in establishing itself as the leading payment app in Switzerland against global competitors such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.


Ifolor AG

Ifolor AG convinced the jury with its successful transformation from the analog to the digital world, which goes hand in hand with a continuous improvement of the customer experience.


Valora Group

Valora impressed the jury above all with its feel for social trends and their interpretation for the convenience and food service market. In addition, the jury was impressed by the consistent combination of brand management and distribution strategy.


Schindler Gruppe

convinces above all with sustainable corporate success, marketing orientation and innovation. The jury was also impressed by the company's successful expansion in the growth market of Asia. Schindler has managed there, despite a tough price squeeze and an
to grow profitably in a difficult market environment. Furthermore, Schindler is considered a prime example of successful digitization in the B2B sector and is even named a best-in-class B2BCase by Apple.


Digitec Galaxus AG

Digitec Galaxus' success factors are a broad and deep assortment, a simple filter mechanism that makes shopping an intuitive experience, and consistent positioning of the two brands. From a market-oriented management perspective, Digitec Galaxus impressed with its clear focus on core customer needs and consistent brand building/development.


Weisse Arena Gruppe

For the vision and business acumen in developing the destination management organization based on a detailed understanding of the needs of the different customer segments in a highly competitive international market. Marketing is a key and visible driver of this business success.


Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG

For the development of innovative products based on a detailed understanding of the needs of different customer segments in a highly competitive international market. Marketing is a key and visible driver of this business success.



For the development of new technologies, products and services, the continuously evolving business model, the innovative marketing approaches, and the associated successful restructuring of the organization. Marketing is a key and visible driver of this business success.



For the convincing business model, the innovative logistics and mobility offerings and the associated lasting proof of success. Marketing is a key and visible driver of this business success.


Freitag lab ag

For the convincing business model, the innovative products and the associated lasting proof of success. Marketing is a key and visible driver of this business success.
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Geberit Gruppe

For long-term corporate success based on strategically planned international expansion and a clear focus on sustainability. The positive image, the successful product innovations and the high level of customer satisfaction are an expression of the high level of marketing competence.



For the sustainably successful business model with a clear focus on customer proximity and continuity in brand management. The positive image, successful product innovations and excellent customer service are an expression of the high level of marketing competence.



For its successful marketing-driven corporate strategy, which excellently combines market-driven product innovations, high customer satisfaction and thus customer loyalty, and an innovative communication concept (online and offline).



In special recognition of many years of profitable growth based on a strong culture of innovation and a segment-specific customer approach.
Logitech is a prime example of a company with Swiss roots and global success.



In special recognition of the radical reorientation of the manufacturer of small electrical household appliances into a globally successful premium brand for fully automatic coffee machines with a creative use of all instruments of the marketing mix oriented to clear brand values.


Betty Bossi Verlag AG

In special appreciation of the sustainable development of a broadly anchored successful brand based on creative offer ideas and the skilful use of the brand identity for the realization of successful marketing cooperations.



For a global corporate strategy characterized by exceptional innovation cadence, based on impressive technological innovation and lived customer proximity, on deliberately decentralized marketing expertise and consistently implemented brand identity worldwide.


Nestlé Nespresso SA

For the innovative, market- and technology-driven business model and its skillful implementation within the framework of a professional, integrated and target group-oriented marketing concept.



For its successful marketing-driven corporate strategy, which excellently combines the integrated global business model, consistent single branding, vision and execution of Alinghi and creative local market development.



For the successful marketing strategy, the coherent combination of innovation and expansion, interwoven with clear brand development and management.


Prof. Dr. Richard Kühn, Universität Bern

For the comprehensive promotion of marketing in teaching, research and practice, the university anchoring of marketing, the scientific and personal support of GfM and the dedicated development of the marketing leadership courses.


Swatch AG

For the successful marketing strategy of combining future-oriented technology and Swiss quality with imaginative realizations of fashionable and innovative concepts that have made Swatch one of the most famous brand names in the world.



For the development and management of the global Davidoff brand and the implementation of its marketing and diversification concept under the guiding principle "Davidoff - The Good Life".


Bucher AG Motorex

In recognition of their outstanding marketing achievements and successfully implemented worldwide marketing scenario MOTOREX product lines.


Coop Schweiz

In appreciation of its organic trade marketing, with which organically grown food and meat from species-appropriate animal husbandry was brought to market on a broad basis under the Coop NATURAplan brand.


Roche Pharma (Schweiz) AG

For its leadership in building a new understanding of pharmaceutical marketing.


Michael Hilti, VR-Präsident Hilti Aktiengesellschaft

For marketing performance characterized by customer proximity, globalization, innovation and consistency in brand management.


Felix Richterich, Vorsitzender GL Ricola AG

For marketing performance in over 40 countries and a corporate philosophy committed to high quality and value for money.


Erich Kellenberger und Walter Palmers, VR-Delegierte Calida AG

For excellently positioned Calida brand in particularly difficult market.


Simon de Pury, Chairman Sotheby’s Switzerland

For marketing leadership that has contributed to his company's European leadership position.


Ernst Pfenniger, Präsident, Delegierter VR, Trisa AG

For successful participative leadership principle and marketing performance of his company.


Wolfgang K. A. Disch, Chefredakteur Marketing Journal

For editorial activity in the field of marketing and use as a trainer of a generation of professionals.


PD Dr. Christian Belz, Universität St. Gallen

For the research work done in his habilitation thesis and his expertise in education and consulting.


Dr. Hanspeter Danuser, Verkehrsdirektor St. Moritz

For systematic and original marketing of the international resort of St. Moritz.


Fredy Lienhard, VR-Delegierter Lista Holding AG

For modern marketing of capital goods and successful marketing strategies in the markets of factory, warehouse and office equipment.


Moritz Suter, VR-Delegierter Crossair

For its merit, to have found and developed a niche in a saturated market.


Heinz Bitterli, Wirtschaftsredaktor NZZ

For its critical and positive reporting on business issues and its commitment to marketing.