Gallery and Highlights: Board appointments and marketing award


On October 24, Kaufleuten in Zurich was the meeting place for executives from the Swiss business and marketing environment. The gfm event was all about innovations and recognitions.

New executive board at gfm

Dr. Dominique von Matt, President of gfm, welcomed the members to the annual meeting. After a look at the past fiscal year, the new board was elected:

  • Christine Antlanger-Winter, Country Director at Google Switzerland.
  • Nadja Lang, CEO of the ZFV Company Cooperative.
  • Laura Meyer, CEO of Hotelplan.
  • Heiko Schäfer, CEO of Mammut Sports Group AG.

Stöckli Swiss Sports AG receives gfm Marketing Award 2023

Another highlight of the evening was the awarding of the gfm Marketing Prize 2023 to Stöckli Swiss Sports AG. Marc Gläser and Christian Gut proudly accepted the award. Stöckli impressed with its ability to adapt, especially in the conversion of its “go-to-market” strategy from D2C to B2B2C.

Prof. Marcus Schögel explained the reasons for Stöckli’s award:

  • Unique brand positioning.
  • Focus on technology and quality.
  • Innovative services such as ski subscriptions.
  • Adaptability in a Post-Covid World.
  • Clear brand communication.

In conclusion, the gfm event was not only a gathering of industry leaders, but also an opportunity to celebrate innovations in marketing. A look at our gallery gives a visual overview of the event and its highlights.