Marketing award winner 2023

gfm marketing award 2023 goes to Stöckli Swiss Sports AG!

The gfm presented its 2023 Marketing Award on October 24. The winner of this year’s award is Stöckli Swiss Sports AG. Marc Gläser, CEO, and Christian Gut, Chief Consumer Officer at Stöckli, accepted the prestigious award at Kaufleuten in Zurich.

This year’s winner convinced the gfm jury not only with its clear positioning and innovative products. Over the years, Stöckli has always succeeded in adapting to changing conditions and adapting the “go-to-market” strategy from direct-to-consumer (D2C) to B2B2C.

With the “Annual Award of the Foundation for Marketing in Corporate Management”, the gfm annually recognizes a company that has distinguished itself through outstanding marketing achievements. The gfm marketing prize is awarded for successful entrepreneurial results that can be attributed to a high degree to innovative marketing strategies and effective measures.

Prof. Marcus Schögel, President of the Foundation Board, on the winner of the 2022 Marketing Award:

“The following points were decisive in selecting Stöckli as the 2023 Marketing Award winner:

– Unique (premium) positioning of the brand in an intense competitive environment.

– Focus on performance benefits (technology to provide quality).

– Innovative services (ski subscriptions, etc.).

– Adapting the go to market from D2C to B2B2C) to changing conditions (post covid).”


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